Simeonov’s 10-omat Demonstration Version



The 10-omat is essentially a decimal clock (10 digits) that visually represents numbers from 0 to 99. It can also be used as a mechanical pocket calculator to perform additions and subtractions within this number range. The 10-omat’s “magical” ability allows children to see, touch, and hear numbers and calculations. It proactively addresses the difficulties related to transitioning from one set of ten to the next.


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Application: Similar to a clock, the device has digits and both a large and a small hand. While the small red hand indicates the tens place, the large blue hand indicates the ones place. Whenever the ones hand moves clockwise or counterclockwise from 9 to 0 or from 0 to 9, the tens hand automatically advances or retreats one step. This transition is accompanied by a noticeable resistance, helping learners understand the counting system and the “magic” of the number 10. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the 100-Net and the 100-Net & 10-omat Book.

Learning Environment: The larger demonstration version can be used by teachers in the classroom and includes an audible sound (“click”) during the tens transition. This way, the tens transition is associated with the visual, tactile, and auditory senses. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the table using the included stand to demonstrate the use of the 10-omat.

Variants: The product is available in two variants: using the international numeral system or the Austrian school script. In addition to the 10-omat demonstration version, there is a regular, smaller version of the 10-omat designed for individual use by learners, which can be used by individual learners in the classroom or at home. Additionally, a digital version of the 10-omat will be available soon.

Availability: The 10-omat demonstration version can be purchased individually or as a set with the 10-omat.


Product Details:

  • Price: €119.90 including VAT, excluding shipping costs
  • Contents: 1x 10-omat demonstration object, 1x stand, 1x manual
  • Availability: Available from 1st December
  • Delivery time 2-3 working days
  • Recommended Age: 6 to 8 years
  • Learning Objectives: Numbers up to 99, tens transition, place value, addition, and subtraction
  • Country of Production: Germany



  • International numeral system
  • Austrian school script



  • 10-omat demonstration version individually (1 piece) – €119.90
  • 10-omat Set (3 pieces of 10-omat, 1 piece of 10-omat demonstration version) – €194.90




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Simeonov's 10-omat Demonstration Version

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