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Everyone has what it takes to learn and enjoy math! No longer should mathematics be seen as difficult but necessary. With fun practice and the easy development of new skills, everyone can have success.

Our assumptions

  • Everybody can be good at math!
  • Everybody can have fun with math!
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Every child brings with him or her different levels of prior knowledge. With regular and enjoyable practices, every child can easily develop mathematical skills and abilities. Children who are already math enthusiasts can further develop their curiosity, and those who find the subject more difficult can improve and discover new enthusiasm. We are also particularly interested to support learners who tend to be underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

Everyone has what it takes to learn and enjoy math regardless of gender or background.

Our goal is to strengthen or awaken the interest in mathematics for ALL learners (from 3 to 99) in a playful way. With our multilingual courses and materials, language-independent learning aids, and games, even diverse groups of learners, including those with special needs, benefit and develop confidence and skills needed for their futures.

Our approach combines fun practice with skill development. Helping children to know that mistakes are an important part of the learning process is essential, even if this is not the approach they have experienced previously.  We help students to develop and deepen their interest in and motivation for improvement in mathematics.

With increased self-confidence and growth mindsets, children are ready to learn anything!

Our cooperations

We work together with different experts in the field of education and mathematics.

As a start-up, we are also funded by the Vienna Business Agency.

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