The 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book



A new approach to early place value and the introduction of bridging tens

Support materials, background information, additional activities, and answer book


The 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book is a supplementary resource for teachers using the 10-omat + 100-Net Student Book. The book covers place values and tens transitions in addition and subtraction within the number range up to 99, with a focus on the application of the learning and working tools 10-omat and 100-Net. The teacher book provides deeper insights into the mathematical background and offers many additional suggestions for activities, exercises, and tasks.


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Application: In the 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book, you will find diverse and differentiated exercises for number range extension, addition, and subtraction up to 99.

Learning Environment: The 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book is suitable for use both in the classroom and for remedial teaching – in small groups or individually.

Variants: The 10-omat & 100-Net Book explores the number range up to 99 using the 10-omat and the 100-Net as tools. Additionally, there is the 100-Net Book, which focuses on working with the 100-Net. Both books are available as student books and as teacher books with solutions. All books are also available as eBooks.


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  • Price: €18.90 including VAT, excluding shipping costs
  • Contents: 1x 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book
  • Availability: Available from 1st of December 2023
  • Delivery time: 2-3 working days
  • Recommended Age: 6 to 8 years
  • Learning Objectives: Numbers up to 99, tens transition, place value, addition, and subtraction
  • Material: Paper
  • Country of Production: Austria
  • Authors: Emil Simeonov, Christine Orkisz-Lang
  • Publisher: von Oemis Verlag
  • Language: German or English



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English, German


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10-omat & 100-Net Teacher book

The 10-omat & 100-Net Teacher Book

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