Company: MathTime GmbH
Address: Keinergasse 8/15, 1030 Vienna
Phone: +43 664 619 25 46

Legal form:
Limited liability company
Business purpose: Production and distribution of products as well as services for mathematics
UID number: ATU77897135
Company register number: 572176k
Commercial register cours: Vienna
Registered office: political municipality of Vienna

 WKÖ Vienna

Responsible for the content:

MathTime GmbH

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MathTime GmbH is not responsible for external content, which are directly or indirectly referred to from this website, and does not assume any liability in this respect.

Copyright notice:
All contents of this website, in particular texts, photographs and design, are protected by copyright. The copyright is owned by MathTime GmbH, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All rights including reproduction, publication, editing and translation are reserved and require, if an explicit written permission of MathTime GmbH. However, the download of texts for personal and private use is permitted.

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