Terms and conditions

  • The open call is open to everyone, from 5 to 99+ of age.
  • If the subject of the photo or video contribution is under the legal age in your state, usually 18, you must also obtain the signature of the child’s parent or legal guardian.
  • If the participants are under 18 years old, their parents or legal guardians must know that they are passing on data to MathTime and they must agree to this.
  • By taking part in the competition the participant agrees that their contribution will be publicly accessible.
  • The collected data will be used solely for the action described here. It will not be published, nor be passed on to third parties. Participants will not be sent any advertising.
  • Only one contribution per person is allowed. However, it is possible that same person submits a contribution that spans all three categories: video, image, text.
  • The files in .pdf or .jpeg format must not exceed 3 MB. For the videos, a link must be provided by the participants.
  • The participant takes full responsibility for the content of their contribution and must ensure that the content of their contribution is original. MathTime will not take any responsibility for plagiarism or any other violations of the copy-rights laws and regulations.
  • MathTime reserves the right to not accept a contribution if it deems it as violating matters of kindness, respect, or decency, or the privacy, the standing, or the honour of individuals or communities, or violating polite and kind social norms.
  • All approved contributions no matter awarded or not will be presented on the website. However, MathTime has the right to remove contributions that are pornographic, sexistic or/and racist.
  • By taking part in the competition, the participants agree that their contributions can be used by MathTime free of charge, including future activities.
  • MathTime ensures that no contribution will be used for future public presentations without the written consent of the author.
  • The copyrights remain by the contributors.
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