Simeonov’s Pentram

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… looking for the golden ratio


Pentram is a variant of the centuries-old and internationally popular Tangram puzzle, further developed by the mathematician Emil Simeonov. Unlike the Tangram, however, the Pentram is based on a regular pentagon where the diagonals form the dividing line, and the pieces correspond exactly to the golden ratio!


100% sustainable materials – Made in the EU





The next level Tangram!


Pentram is an advancement of Tangram, based on a regular pentagon. As a result, the proportions of its building blocks precisely correspond to the Golden Ratio, leading to significant mathematical discoveries and the creation of aesthetic images.


Application: The accompanying cards with creative silhouettes of figures such as animals, flowers, and more, provide an exciting puzzle-solving experience and inspire the creation of hundreds of figures. Through this process, one playfully learns geometry, logic, and spatial-visual perception.


Learning Environment: Both children and adults can find inspiration from the cards with various levels of difficulty. In the classroom, teachers can use this innovative set of shapes to develop and promote mathematical-geometric understanding. It is also suitable for cognitive training for older individuals.


Product Details:

  • Price: €34.90 including VAT, excluding shipping costs
  • Contents: 1x Pentram, 1x instruction manual
  • Availability: Available now
  • Delivery time: 2-3 working days
  • Recommended Age: 5 to 99 years
  • Learning Objectives: Geometry, logic, spatial-visual perception, cognitive training
  • Color: Natural wood
  • Material: Wood and cardboard
  • Country of Production: Germany
  • Language: English manual

1 review for Simeonov’s Pentram

  1. Carlo Sequin

    Hi, Emil,
    I really enjoyed seeing all those kids on Family-Day at Bridges 2023 in Halifax eagerly recreating the various shapes composed of the PENTRAM tiles!
    I find this 5-sided set of puzzle tiles particularly “organic” and pleasing.
    I think this will be a real hit and become quite popular.

    All the best!

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Simeonov’s Pentram

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