The 100-Net Student Book


A new approach to early place value and the introduction of bridging tens
Practical supplementary materials and tasks for mathematic detectives in 1st and 2nd grade
 The “100-Net Student Book” covers place values and tens transitions in addition and subtraction within the number range up to 99. The learning and working tool “100-Net” takes center stage in this book, offering a completely new approach to the place value system for elementary school students.

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Application: In the “100-Net Student Book,” students will find diverse and differentiated exercises for number range extension, addition, and subtraction up to 99. Thanks to various methodological approaches, students can easily engage with the content according to their individual cognitive development (action, image, symbol, and language). To support the investigative approach, students are introduced as “Math Detectives.” At the end of each chapter, there is a sticker as confirmation of their learning, which the students can place on the certificate at the end of the first or second part. This approach provides the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.
Learning Environment: The “100-Net Student Book” is suitable for use both in the classroom and for remedial teaching – in small groups or individually.
Variants: The “100-Net Book” explores the number range up to 99 using the “100-Net” as a tool. Additionally, there is the “10-omat &100-Net Book,” which covers this range using both tools. Both books are available as student books and as companion books for teachers, including answer keys, offering deeper insights into the mathematical background and many additional suggestions for activities, exercises, and tasks, as well as solutions for the student book. All books are also available as eBooks.
Availability: The “100-Net Student Book” is available individually or in sets of 5 or 10.
Product Details:
  • Price: €12.90 including VAT, excluding shipping costs
  • Contents: 1x “100-Net Student Book”
  • Availability: Available from 1st September, delivery time 2-3 working days
  • Recommended Age: 6 to 8 years
  • Learning Objectives: Numbers up to 99, tens transition, place value, addition, and subtraction
  • Material: Paper
  • Country of Production: Austria
  • Authors: Emil Simeonov, Christine Orkisz-Lang
  • Publisher: von Oemis Verlag
  • Language: German or English
  • “100-Net Student Book” individually (1 piece) – €12.90
  • “100-Net Student Book” 5-piece Set – €54.90 (Unit price: €10.98)
  • “100-Net Student Book” 10-piece Set – €99.90 (Unit price: €9.99)

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The 100-Net Student Book

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