Early Mathematical Education – Positions & Angles („Mathematische Früherziehung – Lagen & Winkel“)


This practice book offers an introduction to early mathematical education using the theme “Positions and Spatial Relationships” as an example. It describes the theoretical and conceptual basis of our ability to describe the position of objects in their environment and in relation to each other. This is a central mathematical topic with direct relevance to everyday life.


Application: The authors present numerous exercises, tips, and tricks for those who support children in improving their spatial orientation. The content includes topics such as Up-down / Front-back, Inside-outside, Left-right, Parallel-Oblique, Acute/Obtuse/Right angles, and Creating Location Plans.
Learning Environment: The book is intended for educators and anyone involved in children’s education. It can be applied in kindergarten, preschool, the early years of primary school, and in integration work.
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  • Contents: 1x “Early Mathematical Education – Positions & Angles” („Mathematische Früherziehung – Lagen & Winkel“)
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  • Learning Objectives: Spatial orientation, Positions, Angles
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Paper
  • Country of Production: Austria
  • Language: German
  • Authors: Emil Simeonov, Daniela Mairinger, Christian Schmid
  • Publisher: von Oemis Verlag
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 978-3902706065
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2010
  • Language: German

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Early Mathematical Education - Positions & Angles („Mathematische Früherziehung – Lagen & Winkel“)

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